Mirror Blog of Reality

About Us

Who We Are

We live in different countries, we tread different career paths, we hold different perspectives, yet we are brought together by our common love for debating – we are incessant arguers! We are a bunch of enthusiastic people who feel they have different stories to tell. TGM as a platform arises from conversations – sometimes cerebral, other times emotional, but always passionate – on a range of issues from a group of creative minds across the world.

Our Vision

‘The Global Mirror’ hopes to be a platform where we construct the world through plural narratives. The basic worldview of TGM is to address issues of global concern spreading across different countries of the world, through the lens of the natives who are our writers. The reason behind capturing the contemporary world within a global frame is to identify how disparate concerns in different countries are epistemologically similar in nature – how local issues in real have global significance and vice versa. To say more, irrespective of the economic level, geographical location, and political diversity, for the majority of the people all over the world everyday socio-cultural and political experiences bear a strong resemblance to one another. Be it political corruption, gender injustice or urban poverty, such realities are true for the Nigerians, the Turkish and the Indians alike. What is more interesting is that issues may vary in nature and degree, nevertheless, the critical minimum is hardly any different. In that light, the salient focus of TGM is to bring different experiential chronicles of socio-cultural, political and economic importance from nooks and corners of the world, put them into a global perspective of how they are intrinsically related to one another, even in their apparent disparity, and critically reflect upon such issues from global, local, and ‘glocal’ point of views.

What Makes Us Different

Notwithstanding the sudden upsurge of social media blogs and online forums doing social issues, TGM finds its niche in two specific ways, in terms of its worldview and writing styles. As a worldview, TGM believes in contextualizing issues from different locales within the larger and general frame of universalism. TGM does not intend to homogenize issues; rather it aims at exploring and expanding that space of commonality of human experience cutting across all social and geographical specifications. As one of its kind, TGM wishes to present the local alongside the global, and both with equal importance. 

Insofar as the writing style is concerned, TGM is created out of the urge to share our thoughts with the readers, and also to comprehend theirs, and offer good reads with varied temperaments – from mainstream academic critiques to journalistic features to socio-political satires. Moreover, it aims at maintaining an open temperament and a flexible perspective. No issue is a stigma, TGM welcomes subjects, debates, and concerns of all kinds.