Every new rapper believes rapping fast means you are the best rapper. Sure! Eminem raps fast and he is currently ruling the Hip-Hop world. But does rapping fast mean you are a good rapper? Absolutely not! Rapping isn’t just about spitting the lyrics at a faster tempo. It is also about meaningful lyrics, interesting rhyme schemes, and innovative rap flows.

Before you dive into this article, ask yourself if you can rap at a slow speed. If you have mastered rapping at a slow speed, then you are ready to learn how to rap faster. Do you have good control over beats? An available guide for you to clear your basics of beats and bars can be found here. Now for those of you who have the confidence, to rap like a pro at slow speed, let’s check out these tips that will help you increase your rapping speed and keep up with the fast-paced tempo.

1.    Be the Master of Enunciations!

Yes! Rapping fast starts with correct enunciation. When you speak out loud the lyrics of your rap song while practicing, record yourself. Listen to how you sound. Try to spot mistakes. Work on the enunciation of words that gives you the most trouble. Practice, record, listen, and repeat!

2.    Tongue Twisters

If you already know how to rap, then you must have already practiced tongue twisters for rap. So level it up a bit. Try rapping rap songs that are tongue twisters. Do not start with Eminem. Go step by step.  Instead of rapping Eminem’s songs, start by rapping songs with mid-tempo. Once you have mastered mid-tempo rap songs, try rapping your song at mid-tempo. Slowly increase your tempo and notice how your words sound as you enunciate the same words at a faster speed.

3.    Beat Boxing

Nope! I am not kidding. Beatboxing will help. Even if you know how to count beats in a bar, you are still dependent on the backtrack. Can you rap without missing a single beat without a backtrack? Probably not! So, learn how to beatbox and you will be able to rap on beat without a backtrack. Beatboxing and rapping often go together. If you have friends who can beatbox, try practicing your rap with them.

Trust the beats! Learn to control the beats and it will help you rap faster.

4.    Control Your Breathing

The only way you can control your breathing while rapping is when you know your lyrics word by word. Forgetting them won’t help you especially when you are still new. Established rappers could just laugh it off and play it cool. For you to reach that level, memorize your lyrics and master your enunciations.

The reason is quite simple. When you know your lyrics, you know when you will have those short pockets to breathe. One way to practice your breathing is to rap while you work out. Give it a go! It will increase your lung capacity which will also help you to hold your breath for a longer duration. I mean it worked for 50 Cent. So whether you like him or not, give it a go.

5.    Position

Usually, when you go on stage or at a rap battle, you rap while standing. Rapping while standing in the optimal position. It works the best so that you breathe from your diaphragm instead of your upper chest. If you are practicing your song at your studio or home, it is okay to sit. But sit straight. You don’t want to compress your diaphragm by sitting in a hunched-back position.