HR management has recently been introduced to the Industry 4.0 AI and Automation on a large scale. From online interviews to online test proctoring software, from ATS to AI-based LMS, and from payroll management to people analytics, AI and automation have taken over many responsibilities of HR and that to effectively.


Learn from the best they say, and who better than the pioneers of AI and automation to learn from? Here we’ll be using the examples of tech giants and their use of AI to inspire new ideas and usage of AI in HR technology.


Recommendation Engine For Employee Comfort

Whenever we shop on Amazon, we can type a common key phrase and get a lot of similar suggestions for us to choose from. While designing your learning management system, you can do the same with your learning management system and make it more accessible and fun for your employees.


Recruitment Marketing Like A Pro

Google is the best example of how online marketing can be beneficial to your business. With the globalised scene of recruiting, the most import aspect of recruiting now has become sourcing the right talent in the initial phase itself.


Push relevant items towards employees and make yours and his work easier. For instance, when an employee wants to take maternity leave but not sure how to begin, she can look up to the items suggested by a simple search query entered and can do the formalities accordingly.


Hiring Relevant Yet Diverse Work Force

When IBM goes for a recruiting spree, it uses AI to screen and assess the job applicants. It does that to identify employees who are the best fit by using the metrics of bigotry, violence, curiosity, facial expressions, social media posts and many more.


This kind of developed AI is a boon for the HR industry. Of course, developing it is a long process to undertake, but when applied gradually into the system, can create massive improvement in the hiring process.


What Are We Missing Here?

The human touch. With so many ideas and technologies evolving in the HR industry, you should never forget the human touch and human intelligence. It helps you to keep a balance and make sane decisions.


Making life easier for its consumers is what these tech giants are aiming at and that is what an HR’s role too. Use those tricks and tips to your advantage and make yours as well as your employees’ lives easier.