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Board Games and Card Games to Play with Friends & Family

Top 7 Board Games and Card Games


Spades is one of the most well-known card games across the world. It is a trick-taking game to be analyzed to decide scientific systems of play. Before starting the game, you must know the basic rules and how to play spades. Moreover, spades have single player & partner versions. Spades are trumps.

The main object of the spades game is to score as numerous points as possible. First partnership to 500 points or scores wins the game. Points are scored by winning at least as numerous tricks as you bid.


Scrabble is another popular word game. The game is planned for 2 to 4 players. The object is to score the maximum points by playing words on the scrabble board from your hand of 7 tiles.

Every word except the 1st word should be linked to other words. Every tile allows a letter, which is allocated a point value. The point value of letters may be improved by board conditions, allowing participants to maximize their points.


Backgammon is another famous board game. The playing area includes 24 triangles of alternating colours and a bar down the center of the board.

To play, you are accountable for transferring a set of fifteen checkers around the board, with motions dictated by the rolling of 2 dice. Backgammon is two – an individual game which absolutely needs a strategy.


Whist is among the simplest & oldest trump established card games. A typical 52 card is used. The game is played with 4 players who perform in 2 partnerships with the partners sitting opposite each other.  The goal of the game is to win additional tips than your opponents.


Cribbage is one of the greatest two-hand games and most stable, such as the game was fun card gamers as far back as the 70th century. The cribbage rules are simple and easy to understand.

Two or three persons can play. Or four persons may play with 2 against two as partners. The aim is to be the first participant to score 121 points. Players get points during play and for making different card combinations.


If you are looking for a fun & interesting card game to play with your friends, give Uno an attempt. Uno is among the world’s most famous family card games, using simple rules enough for children, but excitement and challenges enough for all ages.

Each player starts with a hand of seven Uno cards. To perform, match among your cards with the card that has been dealt with. The first player to eliminate all of their cards wins the round.

Then all players tally up their scores. The game remains until one individual score of 500 points. Once you have acquired the hang of Uno, try variants to change things up.

Subsequently, all players count their scores. The game remains until one individual score of 500 points. Once you have gotten the hang of uno, try variants to switch things up.


The bridge is the most famous beginning of Whist. The game has four stages, namely Bidding, dealing, playing and scoring. The rules look rather complex at first and the ideal way to understand the game is playing. For more details like this, you can visit